Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Squirrel Meadows Cabin

Last weekend Rob rented a cabin up at Squirrel Meadows. Dan and I were so excited. The cabin was great, and Rob put a lot into preparations to make sure everything was comfortable for us. Scott brought the little girls up for the first night and it was great to have them there. We took the fourwheelers up, (of course) and we had a great time on our drive. We found a field full of beautiful wild flowers. The girls were able to collect pretty of bouquets for when Christina and Jan came to visit. Breakfast was wonderful, Rob is a great pancake maker. He packed plenty of bug spray, and boy did we need it. The mesquites where EVERYWHERE. We would spend the evenings around the camp fire, and it was usually pleasant if you could reapply mesquites repellent every 5 minutes!

But mesquites were the least of our worries. Dan decided to go fishing in the creek that ran behind the cabin. He waded in pretty far and fell into a beaver run. He was soaked clear up to his neck. While he was changing into dry clothes we found a leach on him- GROSS!! Lucky for us, Kenzie saved the day and squished the leach.
I learned how to skip rocks!!!
Our wondeful lunch
Brushing our teeth :)
Rob and his girls
Another great weekend...

Fourwheeling, fourwheeling, FOURWHEELING!!

One of our favorite things to do together is go fourwheeling. In the past couple of weekends, we have covered ALOT of ground on the fourwheelers. Even though I don't have my own fourwheeler (YET), I love hanging on to the back with my arms around Dan. It's so much fun to pack a lunch, load up the Pepsi, and enjoy the day with family and friends. About 2 weeks ago my parents came to visit and we took them to one of our favorite spots. It was fun to show them parts of Idaho that most people don't get to see. Usually Dan packs a fishing pole so whenever we have a Pepsi break he can cast a line.