Friday, January 23, 2009

New Office and Bedroom

It's so much fun to have a house to decorate! Its a great way to spend time together and I think we make a great decorating team. Here is what we have been working on.....
Master Bedroom
I am totally in love with Zebra print, so I am so glad Dan let me buy these pillows. I am still looking for the perfect accent pillow to go in the middle of the bed.

The Office (Beatles Room)
Dan has all these awesome Beatles posters which we decided to display. We LOVE our office and use it all the time. Dan can work on the computer and I can read in my chair. It's a nice escape from watching T.V.
Dan's Grandpa made us this lamp- it doesn't totally fit the theme of the room, but we love it! Now I just need to find a new cushion for the chair. I am not crafty enough to make a one myself.
The office wouldnt be complete without my beloved "John Lennon, The Life" book. Yes- I am totally obsessed with the Beatles! :)