Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello Again!

I have not updated my blog in quite awhile! A lot has happened over the last few weeks. Dan is now working for Alltel. He is doing a great job and really enjoying himself. Last week Dan left for a 6 day training is Montana. I missed him terribly but the nice thing about living in Idaho Falls is I can take my mind off things with all the shopping I have available to me :).
2 weeks ago Dan, Rob and I headed to a cabin out in the middle of no where! I was a little nervous about the trip because this time we were packing all of our gear on the four wheelers.

I am a bit of a princess when it comes to camping, and I was not sure if I would survive the weekend. I kept a positive attitude and the closer we got to the cabin the more excited I became. Things were going great until I saw this.....
The sign is saying "No Four wheelers"- which means, we will have a mile to the cabin but we cannot take the four wheelers any further. Both four wheelers are packed to the max and it was starting to get dark. We decided to pack what we could to the cabin, all of us trying to keep a positive attitude! Dan and I were first to reach the cabin and to our surprise- it is occupied!!!!! There were 2 elk hunters who have been staying in the cabin for the past week. They were not sure if we were going to show up so they decided to settle in for the night. Fortunately they had a camp set up near by, so we did not have to share the cabin with them. The hunters told us that the morning before there was a grizzly bear in the fire pit!!! After that story we were too scared to go outside and sit by the fire, so we were in for the night.

The next morning we woke up early and ate a wonderful pancake breakfast. Rob always makes sure we have a hot breakfast whenever we go camping.

After breakfast we explored a little bit and then decided to head back to the four wheelers. We were pretty bummed that we could not ride the four wheelers around the cabin. Dan and Rob found some really cool trails on the map- but they were useless to us without the four wheelers. Although the trip did not go according to plan, we had a pretty good time. If nothing else the cabin had a beautiful view.... :)
I always like to have reading material when we go on our trips. It wouldn't be camping without an US magazine! :)

Rob found other ways to entertain himself (The whiskey was left by the previous occupents. They also left this wonderful wig)