Friday, May 15, 2009

Long time no talk...

Hello Everyone!! Life has been busy in the Robison household. Here is just a few updates on what has been going on for us the past couple of months....
Macie turned 21!!
We took a trip to Wendover to do a little gambling (you have to do something on your 21st birthday)
Went to a "1964- The Tribute" concert- they were almost identical to the Beatles (notice my cool Beatles T-Shirt)

Took a trip to SLC and found this AWESOME Beatles mural
Won tickets to the Britney Spears & Pussy Cat Dolls concert over the radio
Realized Britney is NOT the same girl I used to listen to when I was 12
Went on our first fishing trip of the summer
Realized it was too cold for fishing
Played Rockband with my awesome boss :)
All in all it's been a fun couple of months! Hopefully we won't go so long without catching up. We love you-
Macie & Dan

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