Friday, September 18, 2009

Vegas & California :)

I know, I know- I should not even be allowed to have a blog if I don't update it. I promise to try harder...
Because I haven't posted in forever ALOT has happened in the Robison household.
We took a trip to Vegas and saw the Beatles LOVE show. It was amazing!! My sweet husband actually surprised me with the soundtrack last night. Love him!!!!
The entrance to the Beatles show....After Vegas we headed to California! We has so much fun!! We went to the many different beaches, Hollywood, downtown San Diego, and much more. Dan and I both agree this was the best vacation either one of us ever took. Here our some pictures of our journey:
Eating at the Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown San Diego
Hollywood Blvd- We found the BEATLES star!!
Gotta love MJ
Hollywood dreams....
After Hollywood, Dan has his heart set on going to Venus Beach. It was really cool to see all the people selling crafts and playing music. I wish we could have stayed longer.
La Jolla Beach- The waves were HUGE that day. This was our favorite day in Cali.This is Dan running away from a HUGE wave!!!
Dan was exhausted after playing in the waves all day....This rocky area was just down from where our towels were. I LOVE THE BEACH!!!Summer Lovin'

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